Recently, MIT decided to improve their scoreboard at the Zeigler Aquatic Complex.    MIT uses Colorado Timing System equipment (CTS-5 and CTS-6) for all of their aquatic competitions.  MIT required the new scoreboard to be compatible with the CTS equipment.  After a thorough technical review of the displays available from Daktronics, Colorado Timing Systems, and viviLED, MIT choose viviLED as the preferred supplier.  

Our viviLED team completed the installation a new 10mm pitch viviLED full color, full video display in the Zeigler Aquatic Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The installation of the new LED display, shown in the photographs below, was completed ahead of schedule of the MIT requested completion date and under budget.

The viviLED control system uses the Colorado Timing Systems scoreboard data output to present the results and game statistics for 1) swimming, 2) water polo, 3) diving, and 4) synchronized swimming.   Additionally, the viviLED control system integrates Active Network's HY-Tek Meet Management information onto the LED display.


  • This 10mm pixel pitch video display is 11' 7" high by 22' wide (352 by 672 pixels).  The display is front serviceable.
  • This new family of full color, full motion video displays uses viviLED's state of the art LED technology based upon our 40 years of display manufacturing.
  • This new family of LED displays is 100% compatible with Omega, Daktronics, and Colorado Timing Systems.
    • viviLED produced its first OMEGA compatible scoreboards in the late 1970.
    • viviLED produced its first Daktronics compatible scoreboards in the early 1980s.
    • viviLED produced its first Colorado Timing Systems compatible scoreboards in the early 1980s.